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  1. Are your product(s) recyclable?
  • Yes they are! Our aluminum is recyclable at recycling plants and we strongly recommend giving a call ahead to make sure they take aluminum!
  • How can I check my order status?
    • You can check your order status by simply clicking on our chat box on the bottom and inputting your order ID number!
  • I made a mistake on my order and need to make changes. What do I do?
    • No worries! We all make mistakes and this mistake is easily fixable. You can either contact our rep on the chat or email info@figandleaf.org and inform of the issue so that the owner can cancel your order but, you do have to re-order the same product with the adjusted information!
  • I am missing some products in my box. What should I do?
    • Please contact our rep through chat or email info@figandleaf.org to further help you!
  • I did not receive my item and it's been a few days. What should I do?
    • Oh no! If this has happened, please contact our support so we can re-ship or track your package to let you know!